Optimal Operation of High Energy Efficiency Combined Heat Power Plant With Absorption Heat Pump

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Zhang Y., Zhou Y., Wang Y., Chen Z., Li Y., Lü Y., Lü Q.


Focused on the difference of exhausted steam heat reused schemes, based on the overall modeling of the absorption heat pump, the feasible operation range of the CHP unit with absorption heat pump were established. In this way, quantitative advantages of operational flexibility, regulation costs and heating capacity of flexible cut-off of low pressure cylinder transformation, back pressure transformation and configuration absorption heat pump are compared and analyzed, and a general model of equipment optimization scheduling in high energy efficiency CHP plant with the three exhausted steam reused schemes is proposed. Based on the data of a CHP plant in Northeast China, the three waste heat utilization schemes have been analyzed quantitatively, which verifies the comprehensive advantages of the configuration absorption heat pump scheme in terms of regulation capacity and cost. Based on that, the cooperative operation patterns in different types of units have been summarized when different residual heat utilization schemes coexist.

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