Information Integration Method of Intelligent Distribution Network With Micro Synchronous Phasor Measurement

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Wang J., Wei C., Duan X., Li Y., Xie W., Wang K.


With the access of distributed power supply, flexible load and electric vehicles, distribution network presents new features such as bidirectional power flow, intelligent source-load and electronic power network. In order to improve the observability of smart distribution network, new technology products such as micro synchronous phasor measurement devices have been gradually promoted and used, which provides a new method and means for condition monitoring and operation control of smart distribution network. Aiming at the actual situation of the access of large-scale distributed power supply, flexible load, electric vehicles to intelligent distribution network and the requirement of integration application of millisecond micro synchronous phasor measurement information with existing SCADA data, the idea and method of multi-source system data information integration are put forward. The system hardware architecture and software architecture scheme are constructed based on mass data bus and high-speed data bus. And the high-density real-time data of micro synchronous phasor measurement is integrated and shared with the existing automatic and information systems by adopting the technology of an active distributed memory bank and a high-speed data bus, which provides data information support for advanced applications such as high frequency operation state estimation, small current fault diagnosis and location, dynamic characteristic optimization and coordinated control of intelligent distribution network. 

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