Design and Development of an Earthquake Database Application System for Monitoring and Analysis at the Bandung Class I Geophysical Station

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Awan Setiawan


The Province of West Java and its surrounding is the potential region for earthquake events because the south area of West Java is the point of junction of the plate tectonics Eurasia and Indo-Australia and added by the local fault of West Java region which is known as Balibis Fault. The web information system is very needed by the people who live in the south area of West Java and the potential earthquake event region.

The implementation of this system gives information about earthquake parameters and seismicity maps in the West Java region and its surroundings. The analysis uses the reading of earthquake parameters at Bandung Geophysics Station and is processed by using WGSN (World Global Seismographic Network) plot software.

This system shows a piece of integrated information, between earthquake parameter analysis results with earthquake seismicity map display in West Java.

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