Control Unit of a Three-Ports Hybrid Converter of a Microgrid Based on Ternary Logic Circuits

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Hassan Amin Osseily


This paper, provides the design and simulation of the control modes of three different power sources that are commonly used in hybrid systems especially when combining the sources of photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicles (EV) and Energy storage system (ESS). The control scenarios discuss the different combinations of sources and loads based on ternary logic system (0,1,2) that has many advantages over the classical binary logic system (0,1). To prove that, first, the ternary logic gates must be verified and simulated as MOSFET by Matlab / Simulink then a ternary logic control (TLCU) will be designed. TLCU can select the right direction of power flow from the energy source to the load based on the ternary truth table that shows the relationship between the inputs (ternary states of sources and loads) and each output that has only two states (ON or Off). At the end of the paper, the circuit of a ternary logic control circuit that can optimize the number of used elements of MOSFET is designed and tested. Comparing to binary, it is expected not only to optimize the number of MOSFET but also to accelerate the speed of operation.

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