Computing Topological Indices for Niobium Dioxide and Metal-Organic Frameworks via M-Polynomials

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Muhammad Abdullah, Sikandar Raza, Muhammad Hussian, Hasan Mahmood


This paper investigates the topological properties of metal-organic frameworks and niobium dioxide using M-polynomials. The stability and wide range of bonding that the  molecule exhibits make it a promising candidate for a number of uses, such as energy storage, gas detection, and catalysis. We use M-polynomials to calculate several degree-based topological indices for metal-organic frameworks and niobium dioxide. The M-polynomial is one such fundamental polynomial that provides a way to derive a multitude of degree-based topological indices. These indices are crucial for research in chemistry, biology, and physics and are derived from degree-based M-polynomials. This work develops a new M-polynomial algorithm for the computation and comparison of several degree-based molecular descriptors.


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