Bi-Facial Solar Tower for Telecom Base Stations

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Abu Shahadat Md Ibrahim, Mainur Rahman, Dipesh Kumar Dipu, Ashif Mohammad, Gour Chand Mazumder, S.M. Nasif Shams


This paper proposes overcoming space constraints in solar projects by employing bi-facial PV (BPV) systems and flexible installations. The simulation study, conducted for a telecom operator's off-grid base stations in Bangladesh, demonstrates that deploying four vertical mini solar towers with bi-facial panels can significantly enhance solar harvesting, potentially leading to up to 50% annual diesel savings. This translates to an estimated 0.7 million USD[1] in savings for 290 off-grid base stations. The paper also includes a financial analysis comparing two solution options, highlighting the practicality of the proposed mini solar tower framework for addressing space limitations.


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