A Two-Phase Data Integrity Verification using Cyclic Redundancy Check and SHA-256 Algorithm for Security of Cloud Data

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Pradeep Semwal, Sanjay Sharma, Nitin Uniyal


With the rising dependence on distributed computing, assuring the security of information put away in the cloud has become vital. Conventional strategies for information may not be adequate to handle the advancing digital dangers. This proposed paper proposes an enhanced efficient way to deal with upgrade cloud data security through a two-layered message trustworthiness check system that incorporates cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and hash capability strategies. By joining these two techniques, the proposed framework plans to give a strong cryptographic module for ensuring message integrity of data stored in the  cloud . Hash capabilities are basic cryptographic apparatuses used to guarantee information uprightness in different applications. The proposed module uses CRC-8,CRC-16 and CRC-32 well tested divisor. The proposed method also uses SHA -256 hash Algorithm to calculate hash Code which is less prone to collision. The paper not only proposes strong message integrity module but additionally addresses the collisions and discuss thecomputation speed of proposed cryptographic module too.

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