The Effect of Electromagnetic Waves of the Terahertz Range on the Frequency of Molecular Oxygen (129.0 Ghz) On the Processes of Lipid Peroxidation in Experimental Animals Under Chronic Stress

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Victoria Zaborova, Alexander Tsymbal, Tatiana Krasavina, Irina Lazareva, Vitaly Rybakov,Dmitry Shestakov, Sergey Kotovskiy, Hassan Shafaei, Valerio Bonavolontà, Giovanna Zimatore, Laura Guidetti, Konstantin Gurevich, Katie M. Heinrich


The aim of this scientific research is to study the effect of electromagnetic waves of the terahertz range on the frequency of molecular oxygen (129.0 GHz) on the processes of lipid peroxidation in experimental animals under chronic stress.

Overtraining is a psychological and/or physiological condition that manifests itself as impairment in athletic performance. This condition may be based on prolonged competitive stress and stressful psychological factors that can lead to the activation of lipid peroxidation processes (LPO). Moreover, the activation of the processes of lipoperoxidation is the main pathogenetic link of many socially significant diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. These circumstances require the development of modern and relevant methods of prevention and treatment of post-stress disorders. In the last ten years, a new method has been used to assess the effect of stress on the pro-oxidant activity of blood plasma and the concentration of antioxidants by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In this paper electromagnetic waves of terahertz range, at frequencies of active cellular metabolites, were used to correct the processes of lipoperoxidation (LPO) changes at chronic stress. The innovative device "Оrbit" was used to emit Terahertz (THz) radiation at frequencies of molecular oxygen 129,0 GHz in fractional mode. From the marked activation of lipid peroxidation processes and inhibition of antioxidant activity of blood, it is possible to observe a partial normalization, in the conditions of long-term immobilization or through cold water swimming of animals (rats), by using THz waves 5 days for 15 minutes; moreover, if the same procedure was applied for 30 minutes, a complete normalization of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant levels in the blood of stressed animals occurred. The study shows the high efficiency and expediency of using the device for terahertz therapy "Orbit" in the correction of altered processes of lipid peroxidation and it encourages future application for humans.



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