Cutting-Edge Triple-Port Soft-Switching Converter for Seamless Renewable Energy Integration

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A. Antony David, M. Sangeetha, M. Subashree, G. Malathi, K. Vijayan, Vijayaprajesh K, K. Sathish Kuma R


Three-port converters with high voltage gain are desirable solutions for integrating renewable energy and energy storage devices into high voltage dc bus. A high gain three-port converter with soft switching is proposed in this paper, which can realize zero voltage switching (ZVS) for all switches and zero current switching (ZCS) for all diodes in various operating modes. Single coupled inductor is used to achieve high voltage gain and to reduce the voltage stress of switches so that switches with low on-resistance can be selected to reduce the conduction loss. In addition, the advantages of fewer components, higher voltage gain, and very low switch voltage stresses make the proposed converter more suitable for application in renewable energy systems than similar solutions. Various operating modes, performance analysis, design considerations, efficiency analysis, and control method of the proposed converter are discussed. A laboratory prototype with 30V renewable energy source, 48V energy storage device and 400V output is designed to verify the performance of the proposed three-port converter.


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