Empirical Study on Sensitive Data Threat and Security Issue in Cloud Computing

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Amar Kumar Choudhary, Sheela Hundekari


Cloud computing is an Internet-based, evolving technology that is becoming more prevalent in our surroundings, particularly in fields such as computer science and information technology that require large-scale network processing. Three characteristics define the model: scalability, pay-per-use, and self-services. Many industries are adopting this cloud technique due to the efficiency of services provided by the pay-per-use pattern, which allows users to access networks, storage, servers, services, and applications without having to purchase them physically. Data crash, Misuse and unethical use of cloud computing, Insecure API, Wicked Insiders, Shared technology issues/multi-tenancy nature, Account services, and Traffic Hijacking are all possible security issues in cloud computing due to the limited control over data. Every day, a slew of new technologies, enhancements, and research studies are being conducted in order to improve security and provide confidence to users. This research paper provides a framework for understanding what cloud computing is, the major security issues that currently exist in the field of cloud computing and comprehend the necessity for data security in the cloud, the security challenges and priorities for the upcoming year and the method for hosting sensitive workloads or data in the cloud with the help of survey.

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