Reduction of Power Distribution System Losses by Using Novel Heuristic Algorithm

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Muhammad Shakeel, Qadeer Ul Hassan, Nasrullah Khan


The Distribution Networks are the most widespread part of electrical power systems. Researcher has been trying to in the solutions to reduce high energy losses associated with them due to the low voltage level of the supply framework. Capacitors based techniques have been proposed to reduce these losses. These techniques minimize power losses, improve stability, and enhance the voltage profile of the distribution system under normal operating conditions. Finding optimal place and proper size of the capacitor is still a very hot area of research. In this research work, an innovative procedure based on the Archimedes optimization Algorithm (AOA) is presented to solve the optimal capacitor  placement as well as sizing problem to improve the voltage profile and reduce the energy losses in the network. The suggested AOA based technique, is implemented on  IEEE 33 bus network  to find the optimal locations to place the capcitors in the distribution network.  The performance of AOA is also compared with a standard model to verify the effectiveness of the scheme. By using AOA active power losses reduced  upto 23.62% and reacrive losess by 21.86% respectively. The simulation results reveal that AOA based technique offer better results regarding the  capacitor placement for voltage profile improvement of buses and significant reduction in active power losses as comapred to previous studies.


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