Evaluation of Sustainable Marketing Strategy Based on Product Perceived Value in Attracting Brand Loyalty Using FCM & Rough BWM Methods

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Sogand Sheykhan, Payam Boozary, Hamed GhorbanTanhaei, Mobina Pourmirza, Maryam Rabiee


Marketing is an effective method for understanding the market, identifying competitors, and adopting market policies. One of the best strategies currently used for advancement in various fields of work, including the automotive industry, is the sustainable marketing strategy approach. Given the intense competition and opportunities and threats in the automotive industry, adopting sustainable marketing strategies can help with branding and gaining a competitive position. This research focuses on a sustainable marketing strategy based on product perceived value, to attract customer loyalty to the brand. In the automotive industry, product perceived value is measured by customers, and based on that, an appropriate marketing strategy is determined to attract and retain customers. Using the research background, 12 strategies were extracted to determine the weight and importance of marketing strategies and then evaluate their impact and scenario planning. Then, using the multi-criteria decision-making method Rough BWM, the weights and rankings of the strategies were determined, and the top rankings were entered into the FCM method for scenario planning. The results showed that the three main strategies, including focusing on product quality and superior value (S1), excellent customer experience (S3), and meaningful branding (S2), account for about 50 percent of the total importance. These three strategies help Tesla gain a competitive advantage, attract new customers, and increase market share in the highly competitive electric vehicle market. It also helps retain current customers and encourages repurchases. Overall, Tesla aims to be recognized as a leading brand in the industry by offering high-quality products, excellent experiences, and a strong brand image

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