Experimental Evaluation of Mechanical Properties, Micro Structure and Post-Fire Strength of Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete

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Abbasali Saffar, Mohammad Ehsanifar, Seyed Mohammad Mirhosseini, Mohammad Javad Taheri Amiri


Geopolymer mixtures offer an enhanced alternative to implement an eco-friendly solution in construction industry. These mixtures exhibit similar or better mechanical and structural properties in comprising of cement and can use recycling and by-product materials. Against this background, an eco-friendly advantageous were achieved from the engineers and researchers by using waste materials to replace cement and attention to reduce CO2 emission during its procedure. This study attempted to evaluate compressive and tensile strength, micro structure and post-fire characteristic of the geopolymer mixtures. For this aim, the geopolymer mixtures were exposed to elevated temperature between 200, 500 and 800 0C. Then, the post-fire and mechanical behaviour were investigated. The proposed research supported the slight decrease in the GPC's compressive stress by fibres, and the 1.25% PP fibres displayed the least performance, indicating nearly 13% decrease than the unreinforced mixtures. As exhibited by the post-fire behaviour of mixtures, the GPC's compressive strength increased first for all mixes but in the range of 400 - 800°C it decreased at a higher rate because of the geopolymer matrix-related dehydration. Besides, fiber melting under high temperatures and the thermal reaction procedure related to free water evaporation reduce the mechanical properties under temperatures ranging from 400°C to 800°C.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52783/pst.349

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