A Novel Complex Multi-Fuzzy Extension of N-Soft Expert Sets with Application

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Mohammad Asif, Hind Y. Saleh, Areen A. Salih, Muhammad Waheed Rasheed, Abid Mahboob, Dur e Najaf


In this paper, a novel complex multi-fuzzy N-soft expert set  is introduced that presents a broader spectrum of values and efficiently deals with uncertainties in data. The  incorporates the opinions and parameterizations of all experts in one mode, making it quite appropriate for use in decision-making problems. The proposed  can realize more range of values while handling the uncertainty of data that is captured by the amplitude terms and phase terms of the complex numbers, simultaneously. We develop an algorithm in the  context for decision-making problems, including uncertainty, which is applied in our example. We also define some operations related to this new fuzzy concept, such as complement, union, intersection, , and  operations, and investigate the structural properties of these operations based on this concept. An illustrative example is employed to show that it can be successfully applied to problems that contain uncertainties. In addition, a comparison between the proposed  approach and other existing approaches are made to reveal the dominance of our research study.

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