The Application of New RFID System in Logistics Warehousing Management - Taking the Automobile Industry as an Example

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Harjoni, Erwinsyah Satria, Sarwan, Muh Ibnu Sholeh, Nyoman Gunantara


In order to solve the problem of logistics warehousing management, this paper proposes a new RFID system in the application of logistics warehousing management. As a non-contact automatic identification technology, RFID can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through RF signals, and can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple tags in various harsh environments. This advantage is changing the management mode of traditional warehouse, improving the efficiency and accuracy of management, and increasing the profit space of enterprises. Through experiments, this paper discusses the research and development of RFID in warehouse management system. The experimental results show that RFID technology can use spatial coupling, i.e. electromagnetic field, to transmit information, and radio frequency generally identifies and communicates through 1 to 100g Hz radio waves. Conclusion: RFID technology can accurately store, allocate on time, effectively use storage space and save storage costs.

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