Application of Energy Storage Systems to Improve the High Current of Distribution Feeders During Uninterrupted Load Transferring

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Chien-Kuo Chang, Hua-Wen Tsai, Zhen-Yu You


A power distribution system occasionally requires uninterrupted load transfer to avoid affecting the quality of power consumption, but the differences in voltage amplitudes and phases of both feeders may cause short-duration high currents. The critical issue of possible solutions is the different phase angles. This paper proposes the joint application of an energy storage system (ESS) and a proportional–integral controller to compensate for the active and reactive power in one feeder while using the voltage of the other feeder as the target value. The compensated power is injected into the transfer feeder buses to regulate the voltage amplitude and phase angles, thereby alleviating short-duration high currents during the load transfer of feeders. In this study, MATLAB/Simulink was used for circuit simulation analysis, and an 11.4 kV feeder model for three-phase power distribution systems, as well as an energy storage device, was constructed. Finally, the simulation results are analyzed to examine the improvement of transfer current under different feeder load scenarios.

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