Assessment of Grid-Connected Microgrid Configurations including Demand Side Management for Sustainable and Economic Operation

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Mahic Shah, Anushka Khanna, Vinay Kumar Jadoun, Soham Dutta, Neeraj Kanwar, Aashish Kumar Bohre


In this paper, demand side management is implemented on microgrid situated in Manipal campus, India. The crucial geological patterns that affect the generation of a microgrid are considered. The load consumption pattern of collage is considered as an input during the modelling of the microgrid. The work employed the concept of peak shaving to the load distribution pat-tern and generated an in-depth report portraying the predicted energy bill consisting of the energy charges and demand charges for each month of a year for four unique cases. The demand side management is proposed to efficiently manage load in the peak load hours for different configurations of the system, which improves the sustainability and economy of the system. After comparing critical parameters like LCOE, NPC, CAPEX, Project Lifetime Savings, Average Annual Utility Bill Savings, Net Present Utility Bill Savings and Demand Charge Savings, the findings of presented work for grid-connected Microgrid in-dicate that the microgrid system consisting with the grid, solar PV array and Li-ion storage is the most economical and sus-tainable solution in all presented microgrid models.

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