Integrated Energy Storage System Based Efficient Wireless Charging for Ev Topology

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Karthick S, Selvan P, Akilan Vishnu G, Hariprasanth C


Power transfer without the need of wires or other electrical conductors of any kind. In order to minimise transmission, allocation, and other kinds of losses have put out a theory that is covered in this discussion on the use of microwaves to convey electricity. This method is referred as microwave power transmission (MPT). Along with the evolution of wireless power transmission systems and the associated developments and also described and connected a number of elements of the power transmission methods that are now on the market Also covered the fundamentals of wireless power transmission (WPT), its advantages and disadvantages, and its uses. Due to arbitrary charging control brought on by their increasing popularity, a sizable number of electric cars (EVs) will pose a burden on the grid in the future. In order to make EVs compatible with the grid, controlling the vehicle’s charging and discharging conditions is crucial. Thus, this study proposes a bidirectional PV battery-assisted EV parking lot design with vehicle-to-grid service using a multiport DC-DC solid state transformer structure, taking into account the possibility that EVs would be seen as energy storage devices. In this paper, a system Grid to vehicle and vehicle to grid power transfer, EVs are charged by wireless power transfer method in the parking slot is presented.

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