Wearable Microstrip Patch Antenna with Reduced Electromagnetic Deposition Using Inter - Digital Capacitor (IDC) for Public Safety Band and IEEE 802.11a WLAN Applications

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Jafar A. Alzubi, Mehaboob Mujawar


In this paper, we have designed dual band antenna. First band is public safety band (4.94 GHz to 4.99 GHz) and the second band is IEEE 802.11a WLAN (5 GHz, 5.9 GHz). We have used polyester based substrate. Slots have been created on the patch to obtain dual frequency. We have connected Interdigital Capacitor (IDC) to a rectangular microstrip patch to obtain desired public safety and WLAN bands. Antenna is basically a LC component, it is a parallel combination of L and C. We have reduced the metal portion on the substrate resulting in the reduction of electromagnetic deposition. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) will also reduce as the metal portion on the substrate reduces. The resonant frequency is tuned using IDC. The reflection coefficient, antenna gain, VSWR is obtained for the proposed antenna. This antenna can be easily integrated inside the wearer clothing and hidden. It was found that connecting IDC is an advantageous approach to achieve frequency bands. This antenna can be easily put on thigh, sleeve and shoulder.         

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