On Reverse Degree based Topological Descriptors of Boron Nanotubes

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Maria Singaraj Rosary, Murat Cancan, Mohammad Reza Farahani, Mehdi Alaeiyan


Chemical indices are very helpful to design the properties of biological, medical, chemical and pharmacological of chemical compounds. Boron triangular nanotubes are attained by replacing usual carbon nanotubes due to their excellent properties. These nanotubes are great interest materials due to the existence of multicenter bonds and have novel electronic properties. Also, these materials have some dominant issues in Nano device approaches like mechanical and thermal stability. Reverse valency based chemical indices play an important role for the calculation of molecular descriptor. Here, we find an explicit expression of the reverse degree based chemical indices of the boron triangular nanotube. A graphical comparison between the computed various types of the reverse valency based chemical indices is also shown.

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