Energy Management for Islanded DC MicrogridWith Hybrid Electric-hydrogen Energy Storage System Based on Minimum Utilization Cost and Energy Storage State Balance

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Pu Y., Li Q., Chen W., Huang W., Hu B., Han Y., Wang X.


With development of microgrid technology, the energy storage systems in microgrid are gradually diversified, and storage of electric and hydrogen energy are closely related to operation control of microgrid. Economic control of different kinds of energy storage systems becomes attention focus of related experts. In this paper, an energy management method based on minimum utilization cost and energy storage state balance is proposed for islanded DC microgrid. On the basis of maintaining power balance and voltage stability, this method combines minimum cost algorithm and the equivalent consumption minimization algorithm for minimizing utilization cost and maintaining stability of storage system under circumstances of power surplus or bus vacancy. Through control of DC converter and coordination control of top layer, working state of energy storage system is determined, and energy management realized. Real-time simulation is carried out in RT-LAB semi-physical system. By a 72-hour operation under actual working condition, effectiveness of the proposed method is verified, ensuring economy and stability of the system in actual work. 

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