Theoretical Investigation of Entropy Generation in a Two-Dimensional Rotating Disc Fin

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Murteza Sanjaranipour, Faramarz Sarhaddi


In this paper, the entropy generation in a rotating disc fin is studied analytically. In order to obtain the fin temperature distribution, the energy balance is written for a two-dimensional differential element of the fin. The governing equation of fin temperature is a linear partial differential equation that has been solved by the analytical methods. Also, analytical expressions for the fin efficiency and fin entropy generation are obtained. The results of temperature of the present study fin in zero angular velocity has been validated with the temperature distribution of the stationary fin of the previous literature. The results show that the fin temperature is a weak function of the tangential location due to the symmetry of geometry and physical conditions of the fin. Further, to have maximum efficiency and minimum entropy generation simultaneously, a moderate angular velocity should be selected.

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