Contribution of Muslims and European in the Evolution of Cryptology: A case Study

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Asma Aziz, Suneeza Hameed, Hasan Baig, Madiha Kanwal, Farhana Mustafa, Hamza Sattar, Maimoona Ajmal


Some of the greatest technological achievements in human history, like as computers, the internet, and the digital world, have been greatly influenced by cryptography. Keeping secrets has always been vital, which is why people and governments have come up with strategies to protect important data. This need lead to the development of methods for coding, hiding, and creating codes as well as improvements in methods for obtaining intelligence and cracking codes. Muslims have long made contributions to the study of cryptology, using their knowledge to improve security and create advanced cryptographic techniques. This paper examines the important contributions Muslims have made to the field of cryptology.

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