Assessments of Inventory and Condition for Culverts

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Satyam Shivam


In recent times road infrastructures mean bridges and when the matter comes to repair and maintenance for any roads the main attraction is always bridges and pavements. The culverts are always neglected or least valued in terms of repair and maintenance. Culverts are mostly used for cross drainage on highways and railways. As the culverts are not considered a primary priority for maintenance the degradation of culverts causes major concern for road infrastructure safety. As the culverts are an essential part of road infrastructures it becomes important to survey each culvert regularly. Thus, this research focuses on accessing culverts of selected roads of Madhya Pradesh (India) and creating or providing a proper inventory and condition rating system or formats to note down and access the condition of each culvert. This assessment or system will help in maintenance planning and enhance the culverts’ life span. This assessment system will help in an efficient culvert management plan.


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