Determining the Priority of Hospital Projects Using the Electric Particle System Method

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Bijan Taheri, Alireza Lark, Babak Aminnejad, Amir Hossein Gandami


In the upcoming research, after collecting information about the population of the target cities, the variables related to the location of the target cities, including the distance to the provincial capital and the deprivation of the region, and the variables related to hospital facilities, including the number of university beds available, the number of non-university beds available, the number of hospital beds The number of university beds predicted in 1404 and the number of non-university beds predicted in 1404 are discussed based on a reliable and close logical relationship between the priority of hospital projects and the population and location of target cities and indicators related to hospital facilities. Based on the position of the particles, the distance between them and according to the distance and amount of charge of each particle (option), the force on each particle (for each index separately) is calculated. The prioritization of cities (options) for the implementation of hospital projects is done for everyone based on the total forces applied to each particle (option). Any option with a higher total load has a higher priority for the implementation of hospital projects. The results of the research show that the charged particle method is a suitable method for determining the priority of implementing hospital projects. Therefore, by determining the relevant indicators in the implementation of construction projects and the initial numerical ranking of each project based on the planned indicators and determining the position of each option, it is possible to prioritize properly, accurately and documented by the method of the electric particle system. Projects in progress achieved. Based on this, option number 1 with a total of 34254, second option with a total of 30317, third option for implementation priority with a total of 26217 and fourth option with a total of 25946 were examined in the fourth priority among 430 options.

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