Ai as Employee Performance Evaluation: An Innovative Approach in Human Resource Development

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H. Djunaedi


Employee performance evaluation is a crucial process in human resource management. It measures an individual's contribution to organizational goals. However, traditional evaluation methods face obstacles like subjective bias, inefficiency, and lack of objectivity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology offers a promising solution. This paper discusses AI's implementation as an evaluation tool and its impact on human resource development. Previous research shows that AI improves objectivity, fairness, and efficiency in appraisal. It accurately identifies employee potential, aiding targeted development programs. However, research gaps remain, such as AI's use in different industries and ethical concerns affecting employees and organizational culture. This study aims to investigate AI's use in various industry contexts, understand ethical and trust aspects, and analyze its impact on employees and organizational culture. The results will provide valuable insights into AI's benefits in performance evaluation, benefiting human resource development and improving the evaluation process. Organizational understanding of AI's challenges and benefits in human resource development can enhance overall productivity and performance.

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