Effect of Hot Rolling on the Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Altib2 Composites

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Amith Kumar S N, T. N Raju


Aluminium matrix composites reinforced with varying weight percentages (0,2,4,5,6,8 and 10%) of TiB2 were fabricated using the stir casting process and the in-situ approach. The dispersion and existence of TiB2 particles within the Al matrix were confirmed through SEM and EDAX analysis, showing reasonably good dispersion. Cold rolling of the composites led to grain elongation along the rolling direction, impacting grain distribution significantly, especially at extreme rolling temperatures. Hot rolled composites with 4%,6% and 8% TiB2 exhibited higher Vickers micro hardness values compared to pure Al 2011. Additionally, cold rolled samples demonstrated higher micro hardness compared to hot rolled counterparts with the same TiB2 content. The inclusion of TiB2 in Al composites contributed to the formation of a protective layer, enhancing the material's strength. Wear rates decreased with increasing TiB2 content, corresponding to higher hardness values and more uniform dispersion of the reinforced phase. Tensile and yield strengths of cold-rolled samples increased with TiB2 content due to the presence of significant dislocation density. However, hot rolling resulted in decreased yield strength and % of elongation due to preceding heat treatments. Overall, the study highlights the influence of TiB2 content and processing methods on the mechanical properties and microstructure of AlTiB2 composites.Top of Form

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