Optimizing Quality Features in M-Health Systems for Diabetes Patient Engagement

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Rudihartono Ismail, Samer Ali Al-shami, Massila Kamalrudin, Supawi Pawenang, S. Saling, Ismail Suardi Wekke


Mobile health (M-health) is a pivotal technological innovation for enhancing healthcare systems by providing accessible health information and increasing productivity in health distribution. Despite its potential, M-health adoption remains limited due to various constraints, notably the lack of motivation to use these services. This study examines how optimizing quality features of M-health systems can enhance user satisfaction and continuance intention among diabetic patients in the UAE. A survey of 292 diabetes patients was analyzed using Smart PLS. Results indicate that system quality and interaction quality significantly influence both user satisfaction and continuance intention, while information quality affects user satisfaction alone. Additionally, monetary cost moderates the relationship between satisfaction and continued use. This study proposes an integrated model combining IS quality factors and M-health features, offering insights for improving M-health system design and user engagement.

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