Automatic Operator for Decision-making in Dispatch: Research and Applications

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Sun H., Huang T., Guo Q., Zhang B., Guo W., Liu W., Xu T., Xu T.


In traditional dispatch mechanism, operation rules are made offline by experts. However, it cannot meet the requirements for online application because power grids become more complex and time-varying, which are the major challenges in power system operation. Thus, it is urgent to develop automatic operator (AO) for decision-making in dispatch with artificial intelligence.This is also an areaour working on over recent ten years. Firstly, in this paper, a model of power system operation knowledge is proposed and the AO architecture is presented. Then the key AO technologies are developed, including knowledge discovery, management and online application. Furthermore, the AO system is developed originally and put into online applications in several provincial power grids in China. Instead of rough and offline dispatching rules, fine rules can be acquired online with AO, promoting intelligent decision-making in dispatch. Finally, the problems for further works are presented.

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